Ironing Solutions for Cyclists

Even a hire bike will wreak havoc with your work wardrobe...

Even a hire bike will wreak havoc with your work wardrobe…

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that I have a tendency to talk about jazzy companies with youthful workforces and flashy offices, and not without a dash of jealousy as I work in an air-conditioned glass box in the City of London and we don’t have a slide. Or a place for naps.

I did come across this little gem this month from Innocent Smoothies proclaiming the latest addition to their office: an ironing board.

I’m a cyclist, and I quite often have the same problem they describe: turning up to meetings with wrinkled clothes, or having to take public transport when I’m interviewing and I need to wear a suit. The thing about me however is I mostly buy clothes that don’t show the wrinkles so much so I don’t really lose much sleep over it. But my other half, who also cycles to work, keeps dry-cleaned shirts in a cupboard in his office, and he has to take the bus when he carries in a fresh batch of laundered and pressed shirts. What would an ironing board in the office mean to his working life, I wonder? How much money – and time – saved by not taking the bus and spent ironing in the office instead? And how much inspiration to be gained from those moments away from the desk when you’ve nothing to do but iron and think?

However, one thing that did dismay me from the Innocent Smoothies blog is the picture of their ‘office angel’ (intern?) modelling said ironing board in the above post. Does this mean that their intrepid supply chain guy is not doing his own ironing? Big shame.


2 thoughts on “Ironing Solutions for Cyclists

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