What is the point?

Ever have one of those days when your work seems to be utterly meaningless? Believe me, I’ve been through spates of those, caused by a myriad of reasons. But what to do when that feeling strikes? Isn’t it just the worse feeling when for one reason or another you’re sitting at work thinking ‘why am I here?’

Here’s a reminder of the importance of PURPOSE in motivation, a  video condensing Daniel Pink‘s book on motivational theory Drive down to a 10-minute animation.

I hope it provides some inspiration! If you’re a manager or supervise another, it may surprise you to know that you can have a lot of influence over how motivated your staff are, just by providing or encouraging a sense of purpose in your team. For the rest of us the question remains over how you can find purpose yourself in your work?

How do you motivate yourself when it all seems a bit meaningless?


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