We need to be comfortable to be productive

Where is your most ‘comfortable’ place to work? If you’re anything like me, and more on the introverted side of the scale, it’s unlikely to be an open-plan office. @GoogleforWork find that 36% of people prefer somewhere ‘isolated and quiet’, and 43% sat somewhere ‘comfortable and relaxing’. That probably explains all the workers you see plugged into laptops with headphones on in coffee shops in any big city these days. We want to be somewhere quiet where we can focus, but we also want to be comfortable. Although we like to be isolated, we don’t necessarily want to be alone.

Blake Morgan writes for Forbes.com on how introverts can thrive in an extrovert workplace and her main advice is to be clear about what you need to be happy and thrive at work. Don’t just put up with the noise and distraction of an open-plan office because others do. Find where and how you do your best work and then find an employer willing to give you that space and opportunity.


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