The nap desk – no reason to go home any more

For most of us, having a short snooze at work would be frowned upon. But we’ve all had times when a bit of shut-eye would have been nice – the post-lunch slump, the conference call that you didn’t need to be included in, for one of my colleagues missing the last train home after too many post-work drinks left him sleeping under his desk…

I used to work for a Japanese company where one manager would regularly shuffle around the office in slippers (not that unusual in Japan) and put an eye mask on to take naps at his desk after lunch (again, not so unusual to see sleeping salarymen in Japan, but not great management behaviour).

But now Greek design company NL Studio say it’s ok to take a nap in the office with their wonderfully innovative nap desks! Now can we just get the rest of the open-plan office to be quiet for half an hour?



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